Hamilton Microlab Prep

Hamilton MicroLab Prep

(Only available in the Benelux)

The Hamilton Microlab Prep liquid handling robot replaces hand pipetting for full automated pipetting. This pipette robot increases the speed, accuracy and consistency of the process. The same air displacement technology as used with hand pipetting is used in the Microlab Prep. The movements can be monitored in real time, due to the build-in camera. This camera can also detect and identify your labware, which eliminates the change for errors. The capacitive liquid level detection ensures correct pipetting and no spilling, the automated liquid handling robot can work with a precision of 0.5 - 1000 µL. All this can be controlled with an easy-to-use software and touchscreen.

CO-RE technology 

The connections to the pipette tips is secured with a lock-and-key style mechanism with their CO-RE (compressed ring-O expansion) technology. The CO-RE eliminates the vertical force for tip attachment and ejection, minimizing the mechanical stress on the apparatus. Click here to go to the CO-RE pipettes and other consumables.


The Microlab Prep pipette robot consist of 3 different configurations: the standard 2 channels, which can move independent from one other. 8 multi-probe head, which moves simultaneously and is suitable for larger scales, such as 96-well plates. The third configuration is the combination of both, which provides ultimate flexibility and versatility to pipetting.

Microlab Prep

The benefits of the Hamilton Microlab Prep pipette robot

  • Full automation – increase of reproducibility, speed, and accuracy
  • CO-RE technology – correct placement and locked pipette tips
  • Capacitive liquid level detection
  • Build-in camera – detects and identifies labware
  • Easy in use – touchscreen and simple software

Additional devices can be added to extend the automation even further

  • Hamilton Heater Shaker: heats up to 105 0C and shake up to 2500 rpm
  • CO-RE paddles: automatically transports the sample in the correct position
  • USB-Based Handheld Barcode Scanner

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