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Target enrichment panels for DNA Sequencing Sensitivity

Guaranteed promising sequencing results

Our NGS target enrichment panels demonstrate coverage and uniformity regardless of sample type:

  • Robust results independent of sample quantity and quality.
  • Excellent performance for GC-rich samples.
  • Lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • Flexible integration on different sequencing systems. 





Contact us for any questions you might have about it. We support you through the whole optimising process!

We match your application and needs

We offer ready-to-use and customised panels for diverse applications:

celemic panels for DNA sequencing and targeting your sample with the highest sensitivityOn-Target Performance: 1-PCT OFF BAIT. Better performance of Celemic kits compared to other

Reduces errors, hands-on time, and overall processing time with its unique workflow.

What is the goal of your Sequencing project? Explain it to us to support you and find out the best approach to your needs.


Preserve and Stabilise your DNA/RNA

Get to know the gold standard buffer for DNA and RNA stabilistion:

  • Pathogen inactivation.
  • DNA/RNA integrity protection
  • lysis buffer
  • Avoid foam in your sample: mucolytic solution.

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Total RNA purified from whole blood stabilized for 24 hrs at room temperature with DNA/RNA.

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