Targeted Enrichment Panels

NGS Targeted Enrichment Panel

The NGS panels are custom designed from end-to-end with your genes of interest. The pre-capture pooling and high panel performance enables cost and labour savings. Every designed panel is in-house validated on performance and functionality. 

Targeted Sequencing selectively analysis specific regional sequences of genomes. By only analysing specifically, time and money are saved.

Via hybridisation based capture technology, the core process of targeted sequencing is enabled. Targeted Sequencing is the separation and analysis of specific regional sequences of the whole genome. Via targeted sequencing, all types of mutations can be accurately analyses: SNV, InDEL, CNV and Rearrangements.

The panels utilise an intrinsic probe design, rebalancing, and molecular barcode technologies. This ensures efficient analysis also hard-to-capture areas, such as GC-rich and homologous regions. Additionally, damaged DNA and RNA originated from circulating tumour cells or FFPE samples can easily be analysed.

Targeted RNA Sequencing Panel

This panel is ideal for research in gene expression and rearrangement, even with poor quality specimen, such as FFPE and cfRNA. Save cost and time by only targeted RNA sequencing, compared to total RNA Sequencing. As complete coverage of all genes are obtained, the expression levels of all exons are assessed.

  • Cost-effective high-quality analysis
  • Compatible with a variety of sample types
  • Expression level in all regions of genes of interest
  • Gene rearrangement analysis
  • Isoform analysis

Targeted Methylation Sequencing Panel

The dual probe design, with bisulphate, creates accurate analysis of the status of methylated genes. The kit provides unparalleled performance for analysis of plasma DNA. Both clinical and research related samples can be analysis with this methylation panel.

  • Analysis on both gDNA and cfDNA
  • Visualised results

Customised High-Throughput Genotyping Panel

With the NGS and hybridisation-based technology, a high number of regions of interest are simultaneously enriched with specifically designed probes. This provides new insights into different agricultural genomes. 

  • Higher accuracy and more cost effective than conventional methods (CBS, PCR, microarray)
  • 100 to 10.000 markers with minimised amounts of false negatives/positives

Metagenomic Sequencing panel

Detection of bacterial pathogen and microbe classification.

Sequencing of V3 or V3-V4 region is available for bacteria, the ITS1 or ITS1-ITS2 region is available for fungi. The various types of results provide a comprehensive insight into sample microbes.




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