Targeted Enrichment Panels for Oncology

BRCA 1/2 Panel

This panel is designed to enrich whole coding sequences (CDS) of the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes. It also includes the UTR, promotor, and +/- 40 bases of CDS, this detects the variants in the splicing site. All types of variants including large indel and CNV can be obtained.

The BRCA panel provides high performance and guarantees reliable and consisting sequencing results. Even if the DNA is from low-quality or FFPE.

A clinical grade report is provided from our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline and in conjunction with Strand Life Sciences.

The probes of the BRCA panel are designed to detect deletion, duplication and large rearrangements. All type of samples can be used with this panel, even blood or FFPE samples.

With a sensitivity of 95% and a specificity of 99.5% the BRCA panel creates full coverage of the genome.


  • CE-IVD certified
  • Clinical grade report
  • EU-GDPR compliant

Standard Kit:

  • Library Preparation kit
  • Adaptors
  • Index Primers set
  • BRCA 1,2 target capture reagents: probe, hybridisation reagent & wash buffers

All-in-one Kit:

  • Standard Kit
  • Streptavidin Magnetic Beads
  • High-fidelity HotStart PCR Mix (2X)

OncoRisk Panel (Hereditary Cancer)

This panel is specifically designed for analysis of hereditary cancer associated genes. It targets 31 well known oncogenes. This well decrease your sequencing costs compared to whole genome or exome sequencing. The oncogenes are selected from Contract Research Organisations and various research institutes.

If the gene of interest is not in the panel, it can be added by the gene add-on service.

The robust BI system provides BI results for large deletion analysis. HDR grade computations are provided to aid precision in medicine for tumour treatment.

All type of mutations will be detected with a 95% sensitivity at 5% VAF.

Gene List

SNV Analysis Example

CNV Analysis Example

CancerScreen Panel (Somatic Cancer Panel)

This panel is designed to detect all types of variants including gene rearrangement in somatic cancer-related genes. For this 4 panels are offered, with different quantities of genes (core, 50, 100 and 400). If the gene of interest is not present, it can be added via the gene add-on service.

With the CancerScreen panel you have access to DNA, RNA and the whole CDS regions up to 407 genes. Plus rearranged regions that are associated with solid cancer.

Even low frequency and rare variants can be detected with high sequencing depths. Also, GC rich and homologous regions are captured.


Cost-effective Sequencing

  • Low sequencing cost due to uniformity of coverage
  • Flexible panels, with possible gene add-ons

All mutations types can be detected including SNV, Indel, Large Indel, CNV, rearrangement, MSI and TMB. All in one single assay.

Download the brochure to view the complete overview of covered genes.

Circulating Tumour DNA Panel - Colorectal/Lung/Breast

This ctDNA based kit is designed for colon, breast, and lung cancer assays. They assess 16, 14 and 15 genes respectively. This completely validated panel with use patient samples provides high quality data. UMI algorithms and analysis software enables efficient duplication removal and minimises sequence noise.




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