Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology

The NanoDrop One works with the Thermo Scientific Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology:

  • Algorithms that rely on a reference library of spectra
  • Chemometric mathematical approach to analyse the chemical components
  • Software algorithm quantitively corrects the levels of protein contamination and provides a more accurate concentration than the A260 value alone

How does it work?

Thermo Scientific Acclaro technology increases user understanding of the quality of your samples and gives you accurate quantitative analyses. Early identification of contaminants can prevent failure and save days of troubleshooting.

  • Verify sample quality - identify contaminants and get corrected concentration results.
  • Access information through alerts – get instant feedback about sample quality with guided support.
  • Identify nucleic acid contaminants such as RNA contamination in dsDNA samples and chemical contaminants such as phenol in RNA samples.

All contaminations can be detected, and the most common impurities are also identified. The identified impurities are:phenol, guanidine, isothiocyanate, DNA in protein samples and proteins in DNA and RNA samples.

It is known that the contaminants contribute to the 260 nm absorbance, which inflates the concentration of the nucleic acids present. The contaminants are detected by a decrease in the 260/280 purity ratio and identified with use of the reference library.

Download the Acclaro Protein Contaminant ID

Download the Acclaro Phenol Contaminant ID

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