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When was the last time you checked the performance of your NanoDrop?

Be accurate: 20% off Performance Fluid

* Valid till 31th of August

Do you know the performance of your NanoDrop?

The FDA regulation states that  your systems need to be checked regularly. So, check your NanoDrop with the NanoDrop Performance Fluid, especially the older systems as the NanoDrop Lite, NanoDrop 1000, NanoDrop 2000 and NanoDrop 8000.

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Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology
NanoDrop Lite Plus Spectrophotometer

The New NanoDrop Family

The NanoDrops have been improved over the years, with better software, easier handling and analysis. View your new system below.

NanoDrop Lite Plus

  • High definition touchscreen
  • Local Control Software
  • Wavelength range: 230, 260 and 280 nm
  • Expanded data storage (1000 samples)

Read more about the NanoDrop Lite Plus


NanoDrop One

  • Time saving - measurement > 3 sec.
  • Additional cuvette option
  • Easy to use - touchscreen, no external computer needed

Read more about the NanoDrop One

Nanodrop one
NanoDrop Eight


NanoDrop Eight

  • 8 samples within 20 sec.
  • Expanded detection limit
  • Full spectra measurement

Read more about the NanoDrop Eight

OFFER: Upgrade your NanoDrop

Trade-in your old NanoDrop and get ≥10% discount on your new NanoDrop system. 

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