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Next Gen Sequencing Solutions

Your alternative for Ribo-Zero: rRNA depletion

Are you looking for Ribo-Zero alternatives? We offer the RiboCop rRNA depletion kit for Human/Mouse/Rat and Bacteria.

  • Improved performance on degraded HMR samples
  • Efficiently remove 23S, 16S and 5S rRNA from mixed bacteria samples and monocultures. G-/G+

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rRNA depletion

Get up to 65% discount on "soon to expire" RNA Seq kits

Become familiar with Lexogen RNA Seq kits or try other kits, then you usual use. First come first serve.

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Customised target enrichment panels to perfectly fit your needs

Our hybridised panels for DNA Sequencing can be customised to your needs, without additional costs.

  • Free of charge rebalancing, for a balanced sensitivity over all genes.
  • Low DNA input: 10-100 ng
  • High specififcity
  • NGS services

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Single Cell RNA-Seq analysis

Analyse your samples per cell for the most accurate results.

First Individual mirco encapsulation of your cells:

  • Up to 8 samples simultaneous
  • Measure 8 samples in just 20 minutes
  • Also applicable for cells in agarose, plant protoplast
  • Easy to optimise your workflow with the Innovate

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Second, perform RNA-Seq library prep with the complementary RNAdia kit. NEW kits available:  Agarose cell encapsulation for live cell studies & collagen encapsulation for 3D culture growth.

  • 50% less expensive than other NGS kits
  • Everything you need for encapsulation and library prep
  • High gene capture at low sequencing depth

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Single Cell NGS

Analyse your samples per cell for the most accurate results.

  • Unprecedented sensitivity for ultra-low input RNA and single cells
  • Direct RNA amplification
  • Empower challenging samples

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* Be one of the 5 first to write a publication to get the full refund, valid till 31st of December 2022

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DNA Sequencing kits & services for synthetic long reads

For DNA sequencing we provide kits and services that enable long read sequencing on Illumina sequencers.

  • Enables accurate long read sequencing
  • Leverages your existing short-read sequencers
  • Delivers lower error rates than other approaches
  • Uses a simple ONE TUBE (!) workflow


  • 16S/16S-18S Microbiome analysis
  • 18S-ITS Mycobiome analysis
  • Bacterial WGS - Metagenomics
  • Long amplicons

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