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Our Microplate Readers support a broad range of assays

Are you working on any of these assays? 

  • Cell-based assays
  • Fluorescence-based assays
  • Protein stability 
  • Protein-Protein interaction studies 

Our robust and high quality microplate readers support your research!

Shake it until you make it!

Now, mantaining aerobic conditions in cell culture or in prion-related assays is possible!

Overcome research challenges with extended shaking, providing a higher assay flexibility on duration, time, direction, intensity and shape (linear, orbital and double orbital).

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Are you working in neuroscience? Read below! 


Neurodegeneration and misfolded proteins

Our microplate readers aid in studying protein misfolding in neurological diseases (e.g. AlzheimerParkinson, Huntington, and Prion diseases). 

Read the recent blog for deep into details!                                                                                                               Publication

Thanks to the shaking possibility, our microplate readers offer a plus in your research: 

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RT-QuIC assay for prion seeding 

Estimate the relative amount of prion seeding running the RT-QuIC assay with our microplate reader. 

The extended shaking options enable theFLUOstar Omegato shake continuously at 700rpm for 72hours to get the prion proteins ready!

  • Save time: as short as 20 hours
  • High throughput assay 
  • As sensitive as whole animal models

Application note

Do you want to know more about it? Have a look at the resources below!

Contact us to know more about the recommended plate reader for RT-QuIC.

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