Sustainable Media Exchange 

New! Enjoy seamless automation and uncompromising sterility


Streamlining Cell Culture Research: Cell culture is a fundamental technique in life sciences research, but it can be tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming. Feed-Lid makes cell-based research easier, more efficient, and more reliable.

Our new media exchange consumable, Feed-Lid, is a reusable adaptor that lets users automate medium exchange without removing the plate from their incubator. This reduces the risk of contamination and increases cell growth as they remain within optimal conditions.

Say goodbye to failed experiments and contamination, enjoy better and more reliable results!

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Feed-Lid is simple to use and works with existing 6-well plates, does not inhibit the use of microscopy and has been tested with universities in the UK and EU. Feed-Lid is affordable and serves to create a good first impression and has a low barrier to entry since it can be used piecemeal.

Automated Fluid Handling

Our flagship product, Feed-Lid, is a reusable adaptor that enables automated fluid handling for standard culture vessels. With Feed-Lid, you enjoy:

Low Contamination Fluid Transfers: Feed-Lid enables automated media changes, reagent additions, and sampling without ever needing to de-lid or remove culture vessels from the incubator. This closed loop approach significantly reduces instances for contamination compared to manual pipetting methods .Passive gas exchange still happens as usually through ventilated nanopore filters.

Minimized Waste and Increased Efficiency: Medium exchange makes up a large portion of technician and researcher’s FTEs, Feed-Lid can free these up while increasing consistency by ensuring each sample is treated identically. By reducing manual pipetting, which is notorious for the amount of plastic waste generated, Feed-Lid also contributes towards a more sustainable research environment. 

Feed-Lid's innovative design integrates seamlessly with standard culture vessels like 6-well plates. It also easily connects to external pumps for easy automation of cell maintenance with no programming or compromises.


  • Automated fluid handling for standard culture vessels ( 6 wells )
  • No expensive & bulky pipetting robots or programming
  • 96% less waste
  • 6x faster than pipetting 

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