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TurboCycler Lite: Gradient optimisation

Our TurboCycler is an economical gradient thermal cycler with versatile capabilities, ideal for those researchers who need fast PCR optimisation for new experiments. 

  • Intuitive operation experience: A sensative an intuitive keypad and graphic interface. 
  • Advanced Slow-ramp temperature control: Meet your needs for CRISPR/Cas related assays with controlling down to 0.1°C/sec
  • Keep clean the instrument: Easy disinfection and cleaning dust and aerosol. 
  • Save time on your PCR optimisation for new experiments

Blue-Ray Biotech Gradient Turb | MOL2704 | BLUE-RAY BIOTECH | SLS

Enhance PCR Efficiency and Accuracy: TurboCycler 2 

Save time and optimise protocols

Are you in need of efficient and accurate PCR results? Our TurboCycler is up to 20% faster than others! 

With flexible ramp rate and gradient temperature control, TurboCycler 2 greatly optimizes PCR accuracy. With the Wi-Fi function, the PCR status can be monitored remotely at anytime with convenience.

  • NGS pretreatment: The fully adjustable lid temperature (between 35-120°C) enables to work for any type of experiment. 
  • Any needs, any experiment: Flexible ramp rate control (from 0.1-5.5°C)/sec 
  • Your experience easy as possible: The easy to control screen makes the instrument very user-friendly. The graphics, adjustments of Temperature, cycles and times, and the operation with gloves is now the easiest possible. 
  • Anytime, anywhere: Monitor your PCR status remotely anytime onyour mobile device via the free TurboApp.
  • Compatible with most of the PCR plates in the market. 

High Throughput TurboCycler3

Our PCR Thermal Cycler with three block gradient enables high throughput experiments. You can run up to three different PCR protocols at once! It is the perfect fit for those researchers that need to do PCR at the same time, or for diverse low-sample experiments. 

  • Save time and share it with your colleagues: Do you need to perform PCR protocols at the same time? With the TurboCycler 3 and its three blocks flexibility y ou can run three PCR at the same time. 
  • High throughput: Maximise throughput up to 3 x 48 x 00.1/0.2 mL samples
  • Three blocks, three conditions possibility: Adjust easily the conditions of each  of the independent blocks. 
  • Reliabile results: calibrate each of the blocks independently. 

Portable Thermal Cycler MiniTurbo

Besides the mentioned thermal cycler, we also offer a PCR machine for those that need a compact, light and portable instrument.

Blue-Ray Biotech MiniTurbo wit | MOL2706 | BLUE-RAY BIOTECH compact and light for field labs

  • Portable with only 1kg weight: Its light weight and compact size enables to use it for wide applications in the field, laboratories and classrooms. 
  • Easy to use: all-in-one button!
  • Excellent Accuracy: Same quality performance as benchtop thermal cyclers. 
  • Compatible with all programmed protocols

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