mRNA/whole transcriptome sequencing

Whole transcriptome sequencing and mRNA

The CORALL RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits enables fast and cost-efficient generation of stranded, UMI labelled, and unique dual indexed libraries for whole transcriptome analyses using Illumina® NGS platforms.

The Lexogen Total RNA Library Prep kits have been well established over the last years and have proven to deliver high quality RNA-seq libraries, generating best-in-class results.

In addition, CORALL RNA-seq Library Prep kits succeed in consolidating your RNA-seq workflows, as the CORALL kits can be used for mRNA-seq as well as for total RNA-seq, simply by adding a specific module to treat your input material.

Product information

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CORALL Total RNA-seq Library Prep Kit

CORALL is the all-in-one library prep kit for whole transcriptome sequencing, featuring seamless integration of Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI), excellent whole transcriptome coverage and exceptional protocol-inherent strand specificity. The fragmentation-free protocol uses Lexogen’s proprietary Strand Displacement Stop and Ligation technologies to deliver complete transcript representation, including start and end sides.

When combined with the Poly-A RNA selection kit, CORALL is the first choice for mRNA-seq
o    Complete coverage of transcripts from start to end
o    Ready-to-sequence libraries within 4.5 hours
o    UMI’s seamlessly included
o    Excellent protocol-inherent strandedness (>99%)
o    1ng to 1µg of total RNA input
o    Easy all-in-one protocol
o    Automation Friendly

The kit can be used for the following applications:
o    Gene Expression Profiling
o    Isoform discovery and quantification
o    Alternative splicing studies
o    Transcript (re)annotation
o    SLAMseq metabolic RNA sequencing

Flexible Input
CORALL Library prep supports an input of 1ng to 1µg of total RNA input. However, depending on the sequencing application, a pre-treatment of the input RNA is recommended.

For mRNA-seq, a pre-treatment with the Poly-A RNA selection kit is required, whereas for total RNA-seq a pre-treatment with the RiboCop rRNA depletions is strongly advised to deplete the highly abundant ribosomal RNA from your sample, enabling more cost-effective sequencing.

When using a pre-treatment method, it needs to be taken into account that 100-200ng of total RNA will result in 1-2 ng poly-A enriched or rRNA depleted RNA.

When using total RNA without any depletion or enrichment, it is possible to work with inputs ranging from 100pg to 100ng.

Gene Detection
The high level of complexity of the CORALL libraries ensure faithful representation of the transcriptome, making this kit an excellent choice for sensitive expression profiling. The excellent gene discovery rates, Corall is delivering, do match the leading competitor kits.

Transcript Coverage
Corall generates transcriptome-wide smooth and highly uniform read coverage

End-to-End coverage
CORALL’s improved and comprehensive coverage delivers best-in-class start and end site representation. Read coverage analysis, using the ERCC spike-in controls, clearly indicate that CORALL reads map more accurately to the exact ERCC TSS than competitor libraries that fail to cover the true start sites. In addition, CORALL provides superior coverage at the TES, compared to the competitor kits.

Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI) seamlessly included
UMI’s are standardly included in the CORALL Library Prep kit and are seamlessly introduced into the libraries as an inherent part of the protocol. This results in Read 1 containing the UMI information, enabling direct access in the cost-efficient single-read mode.

Data Analysis
A Data Analysis Pipeline is now available on the BlueBee® Genomics Platform. The provided pipeline enables performing read quality control, mapping, UMI deduplication and transcript quantification.

Ordering information

It is possible to order the CORALL kit in different sizes and in combination with RiboCop.

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  • True representation of transcriptome from start to end
  • UMIs included
  • Fragmentation-free all-in-one protocol
  • Isoform discovery & quantification

CORALL mRNA-Seq Library Prep

The CORALL mRNA-Seq kit enables fast and cost-efficient generation of stranded, UMI labelled, and UDI libraries for whole transcriptome poly(A) RNA analyses using Illumina NGS platforms. The UDI and UMIs are included in the kit.

The CORALL mRNA-Seq kit include Poly(A) Selection for mRNA-enrichment prior to CORALL library generation and the UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Index Sets for amplification of unique dual indexed libraries. CORALL mRNA-Seq is compatible with total RNA inputs from 1 ng – 1 µg. High quality RNA (RIN, RQN >8) is recommended. CORALL libraries can also be prepared from rRNA-depleted RNA, by using RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kits. For samples with RNA integrity or quality scores (RIN, RQN) below 8, the CORALL Total RNA-Seq workflow with rRNA-depletion is recommended instead of CORALL mRNA-Seq.

The easy-to-use all-in-one workflow goes from poly(A) selection to ready-to-sequence libraries in just 5.5 hours. It provides a wide and uniform read range from start to end. This was tested with ERCC spike-in controls.

CORALL mRNA-Seq Kits are available with up to 384 pre-mixed Unique Dual Indices (UDIs) for Forward Strand (A) and Reverse Complement (B) workflow (Set A1-A4: Cat. No. 158-161, 163, or Set B1: Cat. No. 162).

Benefits of the CORALL mRNA-Seq kit

  • UDI and UMIs included
  • Easy to use
  • Poly(A) selection to ready to sequence in 5.5 hours

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The CORALL RNA-Seq V2 is available for the three different specifications: 

  • Stand-alone kit
  • Poly (A) Selection
  • RiboCop 

Check the table below for more specific information and its benefits!

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