IgG Quantification

Valita®Titer Pre-coated well plates for IgG Quantification

The Valita®Titer is a 96 well plate pre-coated with lyophilised probes. These plates eases and accelerates your IgG process. The Valita®Titer can be used in every automation protocol. In this process you only need to add your crude sample, IgG standard or cell media to the wells, incubate it for 5 minutes at room temperature and read it in a plate reader with Fluorescence Polarisation (FP). Your results are obtained within 10 minutes. The assay is so simple and fast because it is a homogeneous assay. No washing is needed.



Fluorescence Polarisation

The IgG’s are quantified by Fluorescence Polarisation. In this principle, changes in Polarisation are detected. Small molecules rotate faster than larger molecules. Fast rotating small molecules will depolarize polarized light. Slower rotating, big molecules will not depolarize polarized light. Meaning that when the probes are bound to the IgG’s, polarisation is visible. With use of a standard curve the IgG’s are quantified.


The Valita®Titer can be used in any stage to determine the IgG concentration, from discovery to manufacturing. Valita®Titer is now optimised for human, rabbit and dog samples, the quantification of IgG of other mammalian samples are in development.

Technical Information

The detection range of the  Valita®Titer (#VAL003) is 2.5 – 100 mg/L or 100 – 2000 mg/L for Valita®Titer Plus (#VAL004). With an assay precision of 2 – 4 mg/L or 20 – 40 mg/L respectively.

The fluorescent label that will be used is FITC, which has an excitation maximum of 490 nm, and an emission maximum of 525 nm.

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