DNA/RNA and Protein Sample Preparation

DNA/RNA and Protein Sample Preparation

Isogen Life Science supplies DNA/RNA sample preparation kits by Invitek Molecular and QRET Technologies.
Invitek Molecular delivers a most advanced and comprehensive range of DNA and RNA extraction kits for manually and automated DNA/RNA sample preparation. From sample collection, stabilisation, isolation to purification.
QRET Technologies supplies a complete solution for nucleic acid and protein extraction by providing QuicPick™ magnetic tools and MagRo™ robotic workstation together with QuickPick™ reagents and consumables

Smarter DNA/RNA preparation kits by Invitek

Key advantages

The Invitek sample preparation kits are outstanding because of their advanced production process. The quality of the products is exceedingly high, resulting in the following advantages for you:

  1. Shorter RNA and DNA purification protocols -Time saving – fast procedure
  2. Higher DNA yield by longer enzymatic activity for sample lysis
  3. More intact DNA – less chemical degradation
Sample preparation kit

RTP Technology – Ready to prep

The RTP technology is based on the patented non-chaotropic chemistry Invitek is using. With this technology nucleic acids are able to bind in very low salt concentrations which reduces the amount of wash steps in the DNA and RNA isolation process and thereby leading to faster protocols.  

MSB Technology – Minimal salt binding 

MSB products will purify DNA from reaction mixtures like PCR, cDNA synthesis, restriction enzyme digests or other enzymatic reactions. DNA fragments from 80 bp to 30 kbp are recovered with very high yields in a final elution volume as low as 10 µl.

InviMag technology

Magnetic beads for DNA/RNA sample preparation 

The InviMag magnetic beads are developed and selected for optimal performance in a variety of applications. Based on the application, sample characteristics and instrument platform used, Invitek Molecular selects the InviMag beads best suited for each particular purpose. 

  • Fast magnetic velocity via high magnetic content (70–90 % of iron oxides)
  • A variety of binding capacities through different-sized beads (200 nm–1 µm)
  • Excellent reproducibility and stability through uniform size distribution
  • Superior suspension stability
  • Fully automated processing on InviGenius PLUS starting from DNA
  • Standardised walk-away workflow starting from blood, FFPE or plasma sample to bisulfite conversion of the isolated DNA on the instrument possible
  • Only 10 min hands-on time

For example The InviMag® Bisulfite Conversion

The InviMag® Bisulfite Conversion Kit/ IG features a fully automated and reliable bisulfite treatment and conversion of cfDNA and genomic DNA from whole blood, cell cultures, tissue samples and FFPE slides for methylation analysis. The process is fully automated on the InviGenius® PLUS and can be combined with previous protein, DNA and RNA extraction workflows on the instrument.

Range of products

A full range of priotein, DNA and RNA purification products and formats, more than 120, for your DNA/RNA application demands. A wide selection of products for high-throughput and automated sample processing. Many products are developed and manufactured in compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-Directive).

Want to know which DNA/RNA sample preparation kit you need? Download the product selection guide or contact our office, and we will make sure you get the right information and product selection guide.

DNA/RNA and Protein purification by QRET Technologies


Purification solutions                                     

By moving particles, not liquids, the QuickPick™ method offers a clear advantage over conventional protein, RNA and DNA isolation methods. Using the QuickPick method, your nucleic acid and protein purification method is faster, simpler and gentle.

Magnetic DNA and RNA purification

Magnetic protein, DNA and RNA extraction is built on the affinity on the surface of magnetic particles. A suspension of magnetic particles is mixed with a preparation of the target molecule. Once the target is bound to the group, a magnet is used to separate the target-bound particles from the solution. The unbound material can then be washed away from the particles. Depending on the application, the target molecules can, if necessary, be separated from the magnetic particles.

Magnetic particle technology has several advantages; is fast and simple. It is more economical as other separation methods as centrifugation 

Quicpick tools

and vacuum DNA, RNA and protein extraction and softer on the sample. 

QuicPick™ tools

Want to know more about the QuicPick™ tools, please click on the tool to download the brochure.

QRET Technologies provides a range of QuickPick reagents for nucleic acid and protein purification and beside that a wide range of coated magnetic particles for your own applications.

DNA and RNA purification 

QuickPick Plant DNA and QuickPick DNA reagents are optimised for a range of sample materials and volumes. You can use the same reagents with PickPen manual tools and with the MagRo™ 96-M robotic workstation for high-quality purified DNA.

QuickPick DNA Fragment purification kit provides a fast and simple means of purifying DNA fragments from gel or from liquid solutions. In addition to the QuickPick DNA Fragment isolation kit reagents.
QuickPick Plasmid DNA isolation kit provides an easy and simple way of purifying high quality plasmid DNA from bacteria.

For poly-A(+) mRNA purification QuickPick SML mRNA isolation kits purify from different sample materials and amounts, such as from one cell to 50 mg tissue. You can use the same reagents with QuicPick manual tools and with the MagRo 96-M robotic workstation for high-quality mRNA.

Benefits of QuickPick™ RNA and DNA purifications

Scalable and Flexible

  • wide range of sample materials
  • scalability: easy solution for variable sample volumes
  • use with QuickPick magnetic tools or the MagRo workstation

Fast DNA and RNA extraction

  • 96 samples in one hour
  • rapid protocols ensure high-quality product
  • short hands-on-time
  • move particles, not liquids, to avoid time-consuming aspirating and dispensing steps


  • Reproducible results
  • Robust protocols
  • High-quality purified product

Range of the QuickPick™ protein, DNA and RNA extraction kits for

  • Plant DNA
  • Genomic DNA
  • DNA fragment
  • Plasmid DNA
  • Total RNA
  • Messenger RNA

Using the QuicPick tools we recommend our range of optimised QuickPick reagents or special magnetic particles sold separately. However, you can also create your own QuicPick methods. QuicPick can be used in all applications that use magnetic particles as a basis of purification, though not all particles are suitable. Particle size and magnetic properties are the two major factors that affects the performance. Products with a diameter of greater than 1 µm and iron content of around 50% or more will work best. QuicPick technology has the benefit of using almost any vessel type with the QuicPick. We also offer a simple method for cutting the DNA fragment from the gel by using the PickO™ gel exciser.

For more information on specific applications, please contact us for available brochures, application notes and technical notes.

Protein purification

QuickPick IMAC and IMAC Plus extraction kits are used for his-tag protein isolation and QuickPick GST kit provides an easy alternative for purification of fusion protein.

For simple fractionation of complex protein samples we offer QuickPick DEAE and CM extraction kits based on ion-exchange magnetic particles.
For more information on specific applications, please contact us for available brochures, application notes and technical notes on a specific application.




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