Growth Factors

Glucose Solution (250g/L)

For refreshing and maintaining the glucose concentration in your medium. D-(+)-Glucose is involved in energy production, glycosylation, and formation of glycans that provide structure to cells.

Sodium Pyruvate

Sodium Pyruvate (100mM)

Sodium Pyruvate provides an easy accesible carbohydrate source. It is common to use it in combination with glucose in a concentration of 1mM. It is especially recommended for fast growing cells, such as tumor cells.

MEM Nonessential Amino Acids (100x)

Minimum essential medium nonessential amino acids increases cell growth and viability. It rapidly proliferate cells. It can also be used for cells that are not able to synthesise these amino acids themself. These amino acids are: Glycine, L-Alanine, L-Asparagine, L-Aspertic acid, L-Glutamic acid, L-Proline and L-Serine.

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Stable Glutamine

L-Glutamine (200mM)

Gutamine is an essential amino acid. It works as an energy source for cells. It is supplemented to the medium and is suitable for a wide variety of cells. To be used just before the cell growth process. 

Stable Glutamine (200mM)

Stable Glutamine or in other words L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine is a supplement for your cell medium. Stable Glutamine does not degrade to ammonia when the temperature exceeds 37 oC. Ammonia is toxic and can interfere with your cells. With stable Glutamine the cells cleave to the dipeptidebonds and Glutamine is released when needed.

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Hybridoma Supplement

This supplement is special designed for the growth of hybridoma cells. This is an alternative for the well known feeder cells. These feeder cells had a lot of disadvantages, which are not present in the Hybridoma Supplement. This supplement does not cause overgrowth, is not a source of contamination, is not a competitor for nutrients and has no variants in concentration.

The low protein content of the Hybridoma Supplement facilitates isolation and purification of the formed antibodies. It contains insulin, ethanoamine, hydrocortisone, retinoic acid, linoleic acid and, other growth factors.

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Hybridoma Solution
N2 Supplement

N2 Supplement

The serum free N2 Supplement is designed for the growth of neuronal cell types and expression purposes. Also, it promotes survival of post mitotic neurons from primary cultures of the pheripheral nervus system (PNS) and the central nervous system (CNS). The N2 Supplement is based on Bottensteins N2 formulation.

NCS2 Supplement

This serum free supplement promotes cultivation of neuronal cell types. It is ideal for long term growth and viability of hippocampal and other neurons of the pheripheral and central nervous system (PNS and CNS). The NCS2 Supplement contains vitamins, hormones and other growth factors including insulin, human transferrin, catalase, antioxidants and, fatty acids.

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Insulin Human Recombinant Solution (5mg/mL)

This Insulin solution was expressed in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. It optimises the cell growth of mamalian cells, but is also applicable in a wide variety of other cell lines. Insulin promotes the cellular uptake, storage and utilisation of glucose, amino acids and, fatty acids. Additionally, it inhibits the breakdown of glycogen, proteins and, fat. 

Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium (ITS) (100x)

This ITS solution is suitable for basel cell culture media and is applicable for a wide range of cell lines. It reduces the needs for FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum) in routine maintenance. ITS has an optimal performance in serum free media.

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Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium, ITS

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