CEInfinite High Sensitive Detection

CEInfinite High Sensitive Detection by using High Performance Imaging CIEF Cartridges

The traditional iCIEF cartridge is limited by the small inner diameter of the separation capillary, there is always an unmet need of higher absorbance detection sensitivity in Capillary Electrophoresis. The detection sensitivity of an imaging CIEF detection depends on both detection wavelength as well as the inner diameter of the separation column.

We provide a customised imaging CIEF detection at 280nm that gives you about 5 folds higher sensitivity detection in comparison to other imaging  and conventional CIEF detection at 214nm. In addition our High Performance Imaging CIEF cartridges are 200µm ID, which provides you 100% sensitivity improvements over 100µm ID (standard use with other iCIEF instruments) and 300% over 50µm that are standard use in traditional CIEF assays.

The High Performance Imaging CIEF cartridges are available in three types of different coatings for your assays. The great advantage if using PA and AD coatings, there is no need of methyl cellulose additive makes your Research/QC work simpler in comparison to the standard FC (i)CIEF coating.

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Overview of the CEInfinite High Performance Imaging CIEF Cartridges

The CEInfinite High Performance Imaging CIEF cartridges are the world’s first WCID imaging cartridges enables direct coupling to a mass spectrometer.

In addition we offer many and different column coatings to be used for iCIEF assays, such as special coatings for hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules besides the fluorocarbon coating that is typical used for general iCIEF applications.

These cartridges deliver high sensitivity and performance. The easy flow along the capillary makes for simpler, faster sample injection with less clogging.

Furthermore these cartridges are available in various inner diameters for better sensitivity and capacity.

Please note that these can be used with other iCIEF instruments. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Part #Product NameAdditional information


WCID 100µm ID PA Cartridge R, 2/pack

PA Coating Regular (100µm ID)


WCID 100µm ID FC Cartridge R, 2/pack

FC Coating Regular (100µm ID)


WCID 100µm ID AD Cartridge R, 2/pack

AD Coating Regular (100µm ID)


WCID 100µm ID AD10 Cartridge R, 2/pack

AD10 Coating Regular (100µm ID)


WCID 200µm ID PA Cartridge HS, 2/pack

PA Coating High Sensitivity (200µm ID)


WCID 200µm ID FC Cartridge HS, 2/pack

FC Coating High Sensitivity (200µm ID)


WCID 200µm ID AD Cartridge HS, 2/pack

AD Coating High Sensitivity (200µm ID)


WCID 100µm ID FC Cartridge LT30-FC, 2/pack

FC Coating Regular, 30cm inlet and outlet with FC coating (100µm ID)


WCID 200µm ID AD Cartridge MS P, 2/pack

AD Coating Direct MS Coupling Cartridge (200µm)


WCID 320µm ID AD Cartridge P, 2/pack

AD Coating Preparative Cartridge (320µm ID)

Custom Made Solution Services

Custom made cartridges with different coatings and/or ID can be offered upon request. Please contact us for further support on this custom made solution services.

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