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Newest Updates and Applications on our Microplate Readers

The Newest Updates and Applications on our Microplate Readers

A solution for everyone!

  • Cardiovascular research 
  • iPSC for drug screening 
  • Cell-based assays or cell metabolism research 
  • Screening of antioxidants
  • etc. 

Read below!

iPSC cardiomyocytes evaluation on their metabolism long-term effects

Multiplexing Calcium Flux and Metabolic Effect Measurements in iPSC Cardiomyocytes

Our microplate reader enables you to perform live cell assays:

  • Save costs creating high physiological relevance in vitro
  • Save time: 10 ms interval time 
  • Multiplexing approach over 24h with hourly readout 


ROS studies for improving cell signaling and gene expression research 

ROS detection in a cell-based format using the Promega ROS-Glo Assay: 

Our microplate reader enables optimal detection of luminiscent signals: 

  • High sensitivity: Automatic crosstalk reduction 
  • Maximum dynamic range guaranteed
  • Monitoring of ROS generation: 
    • Induction upon treatment with menadione 
    • Inhibiton upon treatment with N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)


Read more about novel obesity treatment research 

Molecules that regulate appetite and satiation are the focus when identifying obesity treatments. 

Have a look at the scientific talk with Dr. Daniela Dengler (PhD, Scientist) to discover type 1 cholecystokinin receptor (CCK1R)


Key learnings: 

  • High throughput screening
  • Multiplex method tool to assessfunctional selectivity profiles
  • Novel acting CCK14 modulators discovery 
  • 360,000 small molecules screening with our microplate reader
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