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Our most innovative solutions for 2D/3D Cell Culture

3,2,1... CELLfie!

Switch to automated cell counting to eliminate any bias in your research!

We help you on finding the best match for your research from our broad range of automated cell counters:

Our slides are compatible with the Countess from ThermoFisher

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Best quality cell counters 2022


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Stress-free 3D cell culture: Mimicking in vivo performance 

The ClinoStar provides a gravity free spinning environment for culturing your organoids and spheroids:

  • Different cell types: brain, hepatocytes, bronchi, gut etc.
  • Minimal shear forces (with active diffusion of gasses and nutrients).
  • Organized long-life cell cultures (cell interactions from core to edge).
  • Be updated of the most innovative applications.
  • Read the most recent publications


Ideal for cancer research, drug screening, stem cell research, toxicology studies and many more!

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Our 3-in-1 Plate for drug screening and co-culture studies

NEW!  Discover our new solution in 3D Cell Culture for Next-Gen
In Vitro Models

Our 3-in-1 Plate is an hydrogel insert that fits within each well of a six-well plate: 1) Spheroid/Organoid formation, 2) Extracellular matrix (ECM) integration, and 3) Drug testing. It enables you: 

  • Uniform spheroids for experimental consistency
  • No risk of losing spheroids during media changes
  • No crosstalk: one organoid per microwell


Successful in many application studies: 

  • Invasion studies
  • Co-culture studies
  • Matrix stiffness studies (compatible with all ECM's)
  • Drug screening
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Tumor studies


We offer demo samples!


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Visualise your cells with our microscope-in-incubator

NEW! Keep your cells alive through the entire process of your research with the EzScope 101.

  • Real-time capturing without perturbing growth conditions.
  • Reduce contamination risk.
  • Monitor remotely images up to 4 samples.
  • Save space and time while optimising your experiments.


Succesful for cell migration, stem cell research, pathology infection experiments and many more!


Our OFFERS for Cell Culture consumables are still running until the 30th of June 2023!


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