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Organoid Annual Symposium

The Organoid Center Amsterdam UMC (ORACU) is organising on the 23rd of November 2023 at 12 PM its annual organoid symposium. the program will highlight some of the extraordinary organoid work at the Amsterdam UMC.

Where: Collegezaal 4, Amsterdam UMC location AMC. 

Program: It will happen on the afternoon of the 23rd November, from 12-18:30. More details about the program here!

Isogen Life Science is sponsoring the Symposium in order to discuss the most innovative solutions and research in the 3D cell culture field, and therefore, be part of this complete day with keynote presentations from experts, a round-table discussion, and an opportunity to present posters. 

Isogen Life Science BV

Do you want to know how the bioreactor for growing long-life organoids with no shear forces and stress looks like? In our booth for the Organoid Discussion day you will meet our solutions face-to-face: 3D scaffolds, bioreactors, imaging systems, cell counters, plates for drug testing on organoids/spheroids and more!


Our solutions for Organoid growth and research

Discover the new approach in 3D cell culture, for culturing your organoids and spheroids in application fields such as cancer research, drug screening, stem cell research, toxicology studies, personalized treatment, and many more. We offer the most innovative solutions for growing organoids and shperoids, and drug discovery research. 


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