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Next Gen Sequencing Solutions

NEW: Targeted Enrichment DNA Sequencing

Our NEW targeted enrichment kits & services for DNA Sequencing are customisable to your needs.

  • All kits are tested and all probes are rebalanced
  • Ideal for GC- or AT-rich samples
  • Cope with large insertions or deletions
  • Dried probes, no need for -80 oC storage

View the wide variety of kits or contact us for more information.

The DNA Enrichment kits are customisable to your needs!


RNA Sequencing kits & services

We offer all kinds of RNA sequencing kits. Not in possession of a NGS system? Do not worry, we also provide DNA/RNA NGS services. Save time, costs and resources while we do it.

  • Personal care from sample extraction to data analysis
  • Consultative approach and custom expertise
  • We are experienced with degraded samples, dried blood spots, FFPE & challenging cell types.
  • Data safety is a top priority

Contact us for the NGS possibilities or click here to read more about the kits


DNA Sequencing kits & services for synthetic long reads

For DNA sequencing we provide kits and services that enable long read sequencing on Illumina sequencers.

  • Enables accurate long read sequencing
  • Leverages your existing short-read sequencers
  • Delivers lower error rates than other approaches
  • Uses a simple ONE TUBE (!) workflow

Click here for more information or contact us for the best solution


  • 16S/16S-18S Microbiome analysis
  • 18S-ITS Mycobiome analysis
  • Bacterial WGS - Metagenomics
  • Long amplicons



Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Get greater insight in your sample: Perform RNA Seq per Single Cell.

  • Single cell capture with barcoded oligo beads
  • Capture up to 50.000 cells per cartridge
  • Measure 8 samples in just 20 minutes

Interested in Single Cell Research? We guide you through the process. Contact us.

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