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Newest Applications in plate reading

Isogen and BMG

Scientific talks 

The ORAC assay 

It is a fluorescence intensity-based method that enables the quantification of the antioxidant capacity of a substance. ORAC is relevant both for academic research as well as for industrial purposes.

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GPCR biased agonism 

The TRUPATH platform is presented that includes the design and optimization of its biosensor components, a general protocol for its use, and examples of its potential to discover drugs with inter-G protein bias

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Blog Posts



Through the adoption of the Nanoluciferase, NanoBRET has significantly expanded the range and applications of BRET assays.

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Cell-based assays on the rise

Find out more about the different types of cell-based assays available and why cell-based assays are relevant to such a wide range of disciplines.

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LanthaScreen technology

LanthaScreen is a TR-FRET technology to measure kinase activity, compound binding, and post-translation modification events.

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