PHERAstar FSX: Sensitivity, Precision, Speed

Brings your lab up to speed! Are you looking for the microplate reader that leaves everyone else behind? One that is fast and sensitive? With its superfast read times, its precision and the highest sensitivity, the PHERAstar FSX is the best tool for high-throughput screeners.

The PHERAstar is optimal for High-Throughput Screening as it has a high sensitivity and speed. This multimode plate reader can analyse wells with UV-Vis absorption, fluorescence (TR-FRET, FRET, polarised), luminescence (BRET) and AlphaScreen/LISA/Plex. This wide range of analysis possibilities is enabled by the three light sources: high energy xenon flashlamp, laser for TRF/TR-FRET and a laser for AlphaScreen/LISA/Plex.

Simultaneous dual emission and decay curve monitoring

The PHERAstar obtains the technique for simultaneous dual emission (SDE), this reduces the reading time. In simultaneous dual emission assays the variability caused by changes in pH, temperature and evaporation can also be reduced. It also eliminates the drawbacks of double sequential detection.  Additionally, a decay curve monitoring for TR-FRET is present, which  can be used for the development of assays or assay fine-tuning. It visualises and measures the time resolved emission curve of a fluorophore.

Built-in injector and other controls

Another specification of this BMG plate reader is the built-in reagent injector. This injector ensures simultaneous detection and injection, which enables monitoring of fast kinetics without loss of data points. The amounts for injection can be adjusted per well, which makes it suitable for  analysis of concentration gradients, for example. Additionally, temperature control, multimode shaking and top and bottom reading are available in the PHERAstar.

Matrix scan and MARS data analysis

The matrix scan mode that is also present in the PHERAstar platereader, is able to scan the whole well surface up to 3456 wells with multiple measurements with a resolution of 900 data points per well. In single flash mode, 1536 wells can be measured within just 27 seconds. Even with this high-speed measurements, it is able to analyse small volumes and low concentrations. The MARS data analysis software displays the data graphically for each scanned point per well. Step-by-step calculations and a standard curve with signal to noise ratio (S/N), Dirac delta function (Δ F%) and Z-value (Z’) are easily obtained.

Benefits of the PHERAstar

  • High sensitivity and speed
  • Time saving – SDE: reduced reading time
  • Increased accuracy in kinetic assays – Built-in injector
  • Lasers for optimal excitation energy/sensitivity
  • Built-in barcode scanner

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