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Newest Updates and Applications on Plate Readers

Discover more about compact, flexible and simplified workflows: VANTAstar 

Our monochromator-based microplate reader is ideal for basic and life science research because of its flexibility and simplified workflows:

  • Achieve high sensitivity with 5 filter sets
  • A full UV-Vis spectrum measurement in <1 sec per well.
  • Suitable for cell-based assays due to its O2 and CO2 control.

Do you work with DNA, RNA and protein quantification, ELISA and DELFIA immunoassays, bacterial growth, cell viability and toxicity or enzymatic activity assays?

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Are you working on:

  • Cell signaling
  • Wound healing
  • Long-term cell assays
  • Or Bacteriophags research

Read the newest publications to discover how we can help you!

Activation of G proteins 

High speed and sensitivity was achieved on the study of synthetic cannabinoid receptors for the activation of G protein pathways.






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Testing phages for antibacterial properties

Phage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics against pathogens like E. coli.

plate reader netherlands







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Real-time wound healing monitoring

The performance of a wound healing assay enabled the study of cell migration.

plate readers benelux








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Applications can be performed with the compact and affordable VANTAstar, with the flexible and monochromator-based CLARIOstar, with the the filter-based and multimode FLUOstar, and with the PHERAstar for high-throughput.

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Watch our scientific talks 

Be updated with the most recent microplate readers applications by attending our online scientific talks implemented by specialists:

Binding affinity determination on microplate readers - Dr. Martin Mangold (Application Specialist at BMG LABTECH)

  • Evaluation of the binding affinity for drugs research with our plate readers

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THUNDER cell signaling assays performed on the CLARIOstar - Dr. Jaime Padros (President at Bioauxilium Research).

  • Superior sensitivity of the CLARIOstar for TR-FRET based assays.

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THUNDER cell signaling assays performed on the PHERAstar and the CLARIOstar - Dr. Martin Mangold (Application Specialist  at BMG LABTECH), Dr. Jaime Padros (President at Bioauxilium Research).

On the talk collaboration below, they presented a comparative study about THUNDER assay performance on the PHERAstar, CLARIOstar and other competitors.

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