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Newest Updates and Applications on our Microplate Readers

Are you working on:

  • Cell-based assays, cell metabolism or cell signaling
  • Culture conditions optimisation
  • Cancer, diabetes, neuroscience and immunology research fields
  • Temperature-sensitive assays

Have a look at the following articles and find out why our microplate reader users are getting such nice results!

Ensure the best quality microplate readers 

Our microplate reader is the GOLD Seal of Quality 2023 by Select Science. 

  • Average score 4.8/5
  • >100 reviews

Click here for more information about the award.

Glucose and Lactate assays: Metabolism studies 

In this application note, our microplate reder monitors the consumption of glucose to find optimal conditions for cell culture. 

  • Discover the simplicity of setting up kinetic assays with our user-friendly microplate reader
  • Crosstalk reduction for the most accurate and reliable measurements 


Multiple cellular pathways at once: Multiplexing 

Increase output of single experiments by Multiplexing. Also, reduce experimental setup time, measurement time, and costs for reagents and consumables.

In this Application Note, a spectral scanning multiplex assay with our microplate reader characterises 12 luciferases and finds 6 suitable for multiplexing to be distinguishable from one another.

The AAS System: Temperature-sensitive assays 

The AAS system our microplate reader increases precision, reliability and reproducibility of data in time and place.

  • Stable temperature inside the reader regardless of external or internal temperature fluctuations.
  • Evaporation rate was reduced compared to other plate readers.

Repeatability of research is warranted!

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