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Imagine getting the highest quality pictures

High content imaging 

Image living organisms like zebrafish and 3D cellcultures like organoids, spheroids, primary, fixed and living cells. 


  • (Bacterial) cell counting
  • Gene therapy
  • Organoid imaging
  • Phagocytosis
  • Characterising disease mechanisms
  • Protein aggregation / accumulation assay 

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Whole plant imager 

Ideal for in vivo imaging of the whole plants in brightfield and fluorescence. 

  • One-click imaging
  • Broad spectrum of fluorophores 
  • Modular and easy to use

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Publication quality images of your cells 

All-in-one cell imaging systems that provide you with expetional quality. 

  • High resolution with high sensitivity and speed
  • Automatic scanning and focussing
  • Multi-channel fluorescence images
  • Onboard data analysis software

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