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Get satisfaction with extraction

Automate your extraction workflow

Safe time and increase accuracy with automated extraction. Ideal for cultured cells, bacteria, plant, blood samples and cell-free body fluids. 

  • High speed: 15 minutes 
  • Easily combined with different workflows and automatic systems like liquid handlers 
  • Works without pipette tips

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Choose quality for your extractions 

Extraction kits can be used for manual and automatic DNA and RNA extraction. Get high yield or highly pure DNA with these extraction kits. 

  • Short protocol
  • Small elution volumes
  • Ideal for SNP genotyping and DNA sequencing

Available in animal, pathogen (CE-IVD), leaf/plant and seed kit. Contact us for more information or click here. 

Check your extraction procedure 


With the NanoDrop and its sample intelligence software, you identify and correct for remaining contaminants in your sample, such as phenol or guanidine. 

  • Improve your results and save time
  • Use just 1-2  μL sample
  • Measurement in just 3 seconds 


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Save time on your PCR reaction 

Without ramping time, your reaction can be up to 60 times faster. The NGPCR switches between 3 temperature stations, and therefore eliminates the ramping time.

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