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Ensure Quality in your Research

3,2,1... COUNT!

Switch to automated cell counting to eliminate any bias in your research

With its compact design, the automated cell counter EVE PLUS can get results in <1s for many cell types.

Our slides are compatible with the Countess from ThermoFisher.

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ADAM MC2 monitors your cell's health (viability, proliferation rates between other measurements)

  • Stem cells and ASCs counting for consistency and reproducibility
  • Cancer immunotherapy research CAR-T and CAR-NK cells counting
  • Fast results: measure in <25s

ADAM CellTare cell therapy quality control counters for cGMP

  • 21 CFR Part 11: Records and collects protected, reliable and reproducible data
  • Fast results: measure in <25s

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High throughput Solution for Single Cell Research

The Nadia is an automated instrument that makes Single Cell Research more accessible for researchers. Click here for more information 


Collagen-based scaffolds compatible with cell release due to scaffold's dissolution without the loss of cells

  • Enables 3D cell culture growth 
  • Maintains single cell identity
  • Applicable to all kind of cell lines, tumors or single cell suspensions
  • Up to 1 mill. cells in one run

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3D Cell culture: The ClinoStar

The ClinoStar provides a gravity free spinning environment for cell culture

  • Different cell types: brain, hepatocytes, bronchi, gut etc.
  • Minimal shear forces (with active diffusion of gasses and nutrients)
  • Organized long-life cell cultures (cell interactions from core to edge)

Ideal for cancer research, drug screening, stem cell research, toxicology studies and many more applications.

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The Clinostar is a 3D cell culture that provides free spinning environment
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