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Do you use PCR?

Direct PCR or with the extraction step, you choose!

Do you want to save costs and time in your PCR? Get rid of the extraction step!

Use the DNA/RNA Defend Pro buffer for:

  • Pathogen inactivation.
  • DNA/RNA integrity protection.
  • Save extra time: combine it with the NextGenPCR. 

Test it in your project! Contact us.

Direct RT-qPCR with our buffer compared to water control in 4 different targets

Do you need high sensitivity? We offer fast an affordable extraction kits:

  • All sample sources (plants, stool, blood, tissue...).
  • We match your preference: Column-based or magnetic beads kits.

Try them and let us know your feedback! Contact us.

PCR Thermal Cycler of your choice

3 blocks PCR system

  • Save time: 3 protocols/instrument.
  • High throughput.

Ultra fast PCR

  • Save at least 40-80% on ramping time.
  • 96 and 384 well plates.

Portable PCR 

  • In field research.
  • Bring it anywhere: Compact dimensions.


next gen pcr, support in your protocol to run more samples in less time

portable pcr, do a pcr from anywhere

Feel free to visit our website or reach us via email to get to know more about all our PCR thermal cyclers, PCR reagents and consumables.


Make your DNA/RNA quantification more economical

Consistent data while saving time: Our affordable Microvolume Spectrophotometer.

"The EzDrop instrument enables us to perform RNA and DNA quantification quickly and consistent without the need to use shared Institutional equipment [...].

We offer demo visits to let you test it before use!

Contact us 

New Year's in the East!

Trade-in your old Nano Spectrophotometer for our affordable EzDrop and get a discount!!

supplier from taiwan very good qualities 

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