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Guaranteed high quality DNA extraction in your soil and other complex samples

High quality DNA and RNA extractions from difficult samples 

Achieve reliable and accurate results with our DNA extraction kits from soil samples

  • Extraction kit based on column extraction methods with silica membrane.
  • Save time: 58 minutes protocol.
  • Easy and safe: Ready-to-use kit with no phenol/chloroform extraction.
  • Save costs and simplify processes with only 0.2~ 1 g of soil sample needed.
  • Extraction possible from related sample materials like degraded plant material or sand.

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Increase microbial yield in difficult samples

Get more accurate results when working with difficult matrices! We offer an enhancer solution to increase the microbial DNA yield during DNA extraction.

  • Inhibition of DNA and RNA sorption to clay particles.
  • Increase microbial DNA and RNA yield from clay at least 2-10 fold.
  • The DNA yield with G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer from sub-soil samples increases up to 10-fold compared to the untreated samples



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