DNA Seq Modules and Add-ons

Library Preparation Kit

We offer the library prep kit in 2 formats: standard and enzymatic preparation (EP). Both kits include End-repair  and A-tailing enzyme mix, index primers (single or dual), adapters and buffers.

The standard kit contains 4 different steps, including end-repair, A-tailing and Adapter ligation. Ultra-sonication or fragmentase can be used. The fragmentase can be added to the kit upon request.

The enzymatic kit, provides all steps from enzymatic fragmentation to En-repair/A-tailing in a single reaction. There is no purification step needed in this convenient workflow. This creates minimal loss of your DNA sample.

Library Preparation DNA Seq

Double-Stranded cDNA Synthesis Kit

The kit includes all components from RNA fragmentation to double-stranded cDNA synthesis for Next Gen Sequencing library preparation. High accuracy and robust performance of the kit allows for synthesising low amount with a reduced reaction time.

Hybridisation Enhancer

It enables 4 hours of hybridisation with no compromise on the performance quality and reduces costs by pooling multiple samples before the hybridisation process.

Clean-up Beads

The unique bead-based chemistry enables a simple, flexible and reproducible workflow for purification and size selection of nucleic acids.

Streptavidin Beads

The streptavidin beads selectively isolate biotinylated ligands. This is performed by using the binding properties of biotin. Its high performance enables isolating targeted genes that are bound to probes and minimises DNA loss during the target enrichment process.


High performance polymerase is needed in the NGS process to obtain high uniformity and yield. This CLM polymerase provides high-yield and accuracy with minimised PCR bias. This product contains all reaction components for PCR.

Bioinformatics Software

  • Built-in service for all panel kits and services
  • FASTQ to VCF and interpretation
  • Robust pipelines for detecting and analysing all types of variants including SNV, Indel, CNV, Rearrangements, MSI, TMB,
    and ultra-low variants




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