Rotator Mixer Multi 1

The rotator mixer has 3 different motions for mixing: Vertical rotation (360o), reciprocal motion (90o) and, vibration (1-5o). The different vibration modes can be used in combination or separate from one other. The mixer has a speed range from 1 to 100 rpm. It will be supplied with a standard platform for 26 tubes with a diameter up to 15 mm (e.g. 1.5, 2.0 and 15 mL tubes). Other plates for 5 tubes up to 30 mm diameter (e.g. 50 mL tubes) or 12 tubes plate up to 15 mm diameter are also available seperately.

  • Easy to programm
  • Variable speed, motions and, timer
  • Low profile and small footprint
  • Controlled sample inverting
Rotator Mixer Multi 1
Microplate Mixer

Microplate Mixer

The Microplate mixer is ideal for mixing and shaking of skirted plates, such as PCR, Cell Culture, Deepwell, Microtiter and Microplates). The mixer can mix one and two plates at a time or tubes, depending on the accessories. 

  • Suitable for plates for automation - SBS footprint
  • Up to 1500 rpm
  • Stepless speed control

Accessories for the microplate mixer

  • Attachment for 1 microtiterplate
  • Attachement for 2 microtiter plates
  • Tube adapter for 15 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes
  • Microplate mixer adapter plate
  • Tube adapter for 8 x 15 mL centrifuge tubes

Tube Roller

The Tube roller rolls and tilts the tubes for thorough mixing. It is ideal for continiousoperations and therefore suitable for example hybridisation. The tube roller has adjustable speed up to 40 rpm. The 6 rollers can hold up to 4 kg.

Tube Roller

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