NanoDrop 8000

Ideal microvolume spectrophotometer for  large-scale operations

With the nanoDrop 8000 spectrophotometer your DNA, RNA or protein samples are quantified. Concentration and quality measurements are performed without the need for dilution. For dsDNA the cncentration can be as small as 2 ng/µl - 3700 ng/µl and 0.1 mg/ml - 100 mg/ml for proteins.

For large scale measurements the NanoDrop 8000 is highly suitable. This instrument is advantageous for higher throughput workflows as it provides a complete measurement cycle for 96 samples within 6 minutes or measure 8 samples at a time of 20 seconds. Additionally, the NanoDrop spectrophotometer has a 50 times higher absorbance capability compared to traditional spectrometers.

Some examples of interesting applications are: Microarrays for labelling efficiency, full spectrum UV/VIS spectrophotometery (220 - 750 nm) and cell density determination of microbial cultures. The quantification measurements are possible for labelled and unlabelled proteins, Bradford, BCA and Lowry assays.

The benefits of the NanoDrop 8000 spectrophotometer are similar to the Nanodrop One, such as the microvolume sample size and its accuracy.

Benefits of the NanoDrop 8000

  • Microvolume sample size – 1-2 µL
  • Time saving – measurement within 20 seconds
  • Suitable for large scale analysis - Tube or 96- well plate measurement

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NanoDrop 8000

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