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Try now: Fast & Reproducible Cell Counting

The LUNA series is nominated with a Platinum medal for quality by its users from all over the world.

  • Applicable for many cell types
  • Unbiased results  by a compact automated cell counter

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Eve Plus

EVE PLUS accurate cell counter, even for aggregated cells. It provides viability results and has a cell size gating function.

  • Applicable for many cell types
  • Reproducible results  by a compact automated cell counter

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Multicompatible & cost-effective slides

The C-slides are multicompatible. Countess, Countess II, EVE and EVE Plus, all of them can work with the C-slides. 

  • Cost-efficient
  • Comes with Tryphan Blue
  • Disposable slides
    • No clean-up time
    • No cross contamination

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Multicolour fluorescence imaging to data analysis in one device.

  • Brightfield, phase-contrast, 3-colour fluorescence imaging
  • Built-in data analysis software
  • Live cell & Z-stack imaging

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Imagine, research with just ultra-clear pictures

The high content imager ideal for live cells, 3D cells, organoids, and zebrafish.

  • 10 images per second
  • Patented U-shaped well scanning
  • Also applicable for cell couting, characterising mechanisms and more

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