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Year End Offer: Demo Equipment

As year end promo we offer our demo equipment for sale.

They are as good as new, but for an even better price.

All different kind of demosystems are offered: NGPCR, Cell counters, Gel imagers and many more. Hurry, before our demo stock is sold out!

Choose your ideal Spectrophotometer 

Are you looking for the most flexible Plate reader, a High-end or just simple UV-VIS spectrophotometer? Look at our broad range of solutions.

Automated DNA and RNA purification 

PurePrep 96

The flexible PurePrep 96 can extract any sample: Cultured cells, bacteria, plant, blood samples and cell-free body fluids.

  • Isolation using magnetic rods
  • UV sterilisation and no cross-contamination
  • Ideal for high throughput

Click here to view the PurePrep 96 purification kits and consumables

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Cell counting was never SO easy  

Small, yet powerful. Count your cells quickly with auto-focus in just 15 seconds.

  • Count cells with or without stain, Trypan blue (included) or Erythrosin B for cell viability
  • Accurate viability data
  • Advanced cluster analysis

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