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FREE Webinar: HTPathwaySeq: A scalable platform for high-throughput gene expression profiling applications in early drug discovery

17th of February, 11 AM CET

In this webinar, Biogazelle will elaborate on expression profilling techniques in drug development studies. Read more below



Early stages of drug discovery often depend on relatively simple reporter assays or phenotypic readouts, providing little or no information on the drug’s mechanism of action (MOA). Gene expression profiling technologies like RNA-sequencing enable a more comprehensive characterization of compounds by measuring the activity of molecular pathways. This information can complement phenotypic readouts and can be used to prioritize candidate compounds for further drug development. RNA expression profiling also serves as a generic test that can be applied to any drug development pipeline without the need for target-dependent customization. In this webinar, we will present HTPathwaySeq, our proprietary low-cost high-throughput molecular phenotyping service to characterize therapeutic molecules, including small molecules and RNA targeting agents such as siRNAs and antisense oligonucleotides. Our workflow can process several thousands of samples in a single experiment based on shallow 3’-end RNA-sequencing of crude cell lysates. HTPathwaySeq provides insights in regulated pathways, toxicities, and compound similarities.



Pieter Mestdagh is a Principal Investigator at Biogazelle, a CellCarta company, and professor at Ghent University in Belgium. He has a broad expertise in gene expression quantification technologies and coordinated various transcriptomics consortia, including the microRNA Quality Control consortium and the RNA-Atlas consortium. Today, he will introduce a novel technology developed at Biogazelle, called HTPathwaySequencing, a platfrom for high-throughput gene expression profiling to support early drug discovery.

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