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The best pipetting results

Less than 2% pipetting errors with automated liquid handling

Increase your reproducibility, speed and accuracy of your assays with total error of less than 2% compared to 5% errors per manual pipetting step.

Automation that fits in any lab

  • Liquid level detection of your reagents
  • CO-RE technology from Hamilton
  • Ideal for cell biology - Shake and incubate
  • Easy to program yourself. No expensive consultant needed.

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Microlab Prep
tube transfer system

Tube Transfer Systems

  • 320 samples per hour
  • No need to remove swabs
  • Sensors monitor every step for safety and accuracy

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Services and Calibration of your pipettes

We offer mail-in and on-site service and calibration for your pipettes. The service and calibration is adjusted to your needs, ISO and UKAS/non-UKAS.

  • 1 star:   4 readings at mid-point
  • 2 stars: 3 readings at min & max points
  • 3 stars: 4 readings at min, mid & max-points

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Do you want to improve your pipetting techniques?

"Last week, I had the change to participate in a webinar about the fundamentals of pipetting, which was great to remind myself of forgotten techniques and learn new ones for different occassions. Definitely very helpful and that is going to be reflected in a better lab work."

- Bioquímica

With our pipetting training you will be trained by liquid handling specialist. Discover your everyday errors and increase your accuracy. 

You will learn

  • Different pipetting techniques
  • Cleaning and inspection
  • Effects of bad pipetting & physical influences
  • Ergonomics

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