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Relax and live longer, just as our stress free organoid cell cultures

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Due to the gravityfree environment in the clinostat, your organoids grow with active diffusion,yet without shear forces. This forms long life and large organoid cell cultures.

Respected research groups already grew their organoid cultures. We have successfully grown liver and brain cells. Together we will grow your samples to great organoid cultures.

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organoid cell growth
High content imager

Grow, Experiment, Analyse

With patented U-shaped well scanning, your organoids are correctly placed to create perfect images.

  • High throughput - 10 images per second
  • User friendly software
  • Always in focus with XYZ plane analysis
  • Also applicable for cell counting, characterising mechanisms and more

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All the reagents and consumables you need

We offer all reagents and consumables needed to optimise your cell culture research.

  • Growth factors, cytokines, cell media and more
  • Culture flasks, dishes, multiwell plates and more

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