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Rapid, High-Throughput IgG quantification

Innovative IgG Quantification Principle

The fastest IgG test, based on the principle that small molecules rotate faster than larger in solution. The rotation rate is determined by fluorescence polarisation.

  • Pre-coated plates with probes
  • Add, Mix, Read
  • No sample preparation
  • Results <10 minutes
  • 96 & 384 well plates

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IgG quantification

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Now with 1-full month digital support, set-up plate reader, data analysis and troubleshooting.

Choose your trial package. Choose between 96 or 384 well plates and a detection range of 2.5 - 100 mg/L or 100 - 2000 mg/L.

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Automate your workflow

Optimise your IgG workflow from automated sample preparation to quantification of your IgG samples.

Increase your accuracy and save time with automation.

ValitaCell Antibody Production Process

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