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NEW! Discover our Protein Characterisation Services

and our New Faster Solution

Discover more about our dedicated services

Save time and costs with our services:

  • Ensure low variability to get reproducible results.
  • Guaranteed re-supply of your critical iCIEF products.
  • One lot ampholytes.

services for protein characterisation

Assay iCIEF Fractionation Services

Are you lacking time and/or capacity to perform iCIEF fractionation in-house? We offer iCIEF fractionation services for your protein-related products.

Our proprietary cartridges enable:

  • Detection resolution of 0.1 pI difference.
  • Achieve as high as 90% purity per peak.
  • All kind of protein-related products have been tested already successfully (mAbs, ADCs, fusion proteins...).

Peptide Mapping Services

We collect protein fractions for MS spectra of intact mass proteins, peptide mapping, protein-protein interaction studies, bio-activity studies etc.
Moreover, we gladly supply instruments, chemistry and training to perform this service yourself.


mapping services MS

NEW! Save time with our CEInfinite Essential iCIEF System Model M

Accelerate your project with simple workflows, which can be applied in pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental sciences and many more.

With our new manual injection system:

  • Decrease time (sample injection <1 min) and resources.
  • Achieve high-resolution (ΔpI ≥ 0.02) and high-throughput results.
  • Ensure sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility in your results.

manual injection systemmAbs characterisation

Read our newest publications

Discover more about how techniques such as iCIEF, MS and IEX enable the characterisation of charge heterogenity and complex proteins in drug development and quality control fields.

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