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Newest Innovations in 3D cells

Functional formation of Organoids and Spheroids

The 3D cell bioreactor creates low shear forces, while maintaining active diffusion. Forming large and long life spheroids.
  • Animal free testing
  • Low adhesion and absorption of molecues
  • Track your sample - live camera

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organoid cell growth
High content imager

High Content Imaging of 3D cells

With patented U-shaped well scanning, the cells are correctly placed to create perfect images.

  • High throughput - 10 images per second
  • User friendly software
  • Always in focus with XYZ plane analysis
  • Also applicable for cell counting, characterising mechanisms and more

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Your cells deserve the best consumables

We offer all reagents and consumables needed to optimise your cell culture research.

  • Filtration units, culture flasks, dishes, multiwell plates,serological pipettes, scrapers, centrifuge tubes and more
  • Growth factors, cytokines, cell media and more

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Cell Culture

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