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How to improve your quantification research

Protein, DNA & RNA quantification with just 1 µL 

With just 1 µL, the NanoDrop detects and identifies contaminants in your sample and provides you with the correct concentration of DNA, RNA and proteins in your sample. 

  • Measurement in just 3 seconds
  • Save time in your workflow
  • Also available in High-throughput model 


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Protein aggregation studies made easy with plate readers

"We bought an extra FLUOstar Omega for our biomarker research. The FLUOstar Omega plate reader makes it possible to perform these experiments, due to its options for prolonged interval shaking and maintaining constant temperature."

P.;.Hoede, Neurochemistry Lab, Amsterdam UMC

  • Prolonged interval shaking
  • Constant temperature setting
  • Workflow customisable to your needs
  • For every project a suitable solution

Read the application note on neuro-degerative diseases.

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IgG quantification: Relevant sensitivity in no time 

"During the process we noticed variability in our expression ... so we monitor expression level prior to purification on every sample using Valita®Titer  really easy to use, fully automated, for quick determination of your expression level in your conditioned media"

J. Wade, Pfizer

Easy IgG quantification: add your untreated sample to the 96- or 384-well plate and measure in a plate reader with fluorescence polarization. 

  • Results within 10 minutes
  • Affordable solution
  • Homogeneous assay
  • Just a single pipetting step 

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