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COVID-19 Rapid Detection Solutions without RNA Extraction


Direct PCR with Liquid Amies Transport Medium

Run your PCR now without doing a full RNA extraction step!
This is possible with our Liquid Amies Transport Medium.

The Amies Transport Medium is perfect for transporting clinical
swab specimens. The samples are stable for at least 48 hours after collection.

After swab collection, a simple heating step is needed to prepare your samples for PCR detection. Heating your samples to 98°C for 5 minutes is all it takes.
After heating, the Sars-CoV-2 virus is inactivated and the sample is ready to be added directly to the PCR reaction.

Check our this application brief to see the reagents in action. 


COVID-19 RT-PCR in just 27 minutes!

This is possible with our Next Generation PCR instrument from MBS. NEXTGENPCR Instrument
No ramping time and the PCR includes the RT step.
Afterwards, the PCR plates can be imaged directly by fast end-point fluorescence detection with our BMG plate readers.
Check out our Next Generation PCR to know more!


COVID-19 RT-PCR Reagents

NGPCR Sars-CoV-2 RT-PCR Chemistry-2X
The RT-PCR Chemistry-2X from MBS targets Sars-CoV-2 specifically and includes a human internal control target to check for false negative results. With a running time of 27 minutes, you have your results in an instant. 

The RT-PCR Chemistry-2X is designed to generate first strand cDNA followed by DNA amplification. All in a single reaction!

Check our this application brief for more information or contact us directly. 


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