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RNA Experts: Discover how to be cost-efficient with the best results

Cost-efficient sequencing for gene expression 

Our expression profiling kit (QuantSeq 3' mRNA Seq) sequences less reads than standard mRNA and whole-transcriptome approaches:

  • Gene expression sequencing the 3' end of RNA transcripts.
  • Save time: Only 4.5 h workflow (<2 h hands-on time)
  • Applicable for all RNA qualities, including degraded RNA.
  • Compatible with automated liquid handlers.

Save up to 10x cost per sample when generating sequencing-ready NGS libraries


Are you working with FFPE samples, blood, plasma, urine or serum? Our kits are successful with difficult samples!

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Sequence what matters the most 

Get rid of highly abundant rRNA with our RiboCop kits for highly reproducible results:

  • Preserve your target RNA: no enzymatic reaction
  • Save time: easy protocol of 1,5 hours (only 30 minutes hands-on time)
  • Remove abundant rRNA from 95% to 1-3%
  • Available for human, mouse, rat, bacteria and yeast samples
  • Compatible with degraded RNA and low input samples


RiboCop rRNA Depletion kit for Bacteria efficiently removes rRNA across a wide range of input amounts




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We help you at any step of the workflow!

Are you in need of RNA Sequencing, but not in possession of the needed instrumentation? We offer services for RNA Sequencing.

  • Personal care from sample extraction to data analysis
  • We match every step with your needs.
  • Get high-quality and rapid results
  • Data safety is a top priority

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