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Beer production: Best outcome on quality control

Save time counting your yeast cells automatically

Reduce potential errors on your yeast cells counting and viability estimation with our automated yeast counter:

  • Fast measurement: 20s for each sample.
  • Yeast cell count and size data comparable with a manual cell counter.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Save space in the lab due to its compact dimensions.

Get your measurements of yeast concentration, mortality, diameter distribution, clump rate and roundness data with <1 drop yeast suspension sample.


yeast cell counting






Guarantee Quality with BeerCraft Software

Guarantee consistency in your quality control measurements like beer colour, beer bitterness units, beer protein, and many more!

With our BeerCraft Software:

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Be accurate on LactoPedio detection

Reduce subject bias and increase accuracy on the detection of lactobacillus and pediococcus in beer samples. Our NextGenPCR:

  • Save time: 15 min from sample to result.
  • Save costs: More samples processed
  • Achieve high throughput in 24 or 96 well plates. 
  • Use up to 160x less energy per run.
  • Compatible with samples from the whole production process.

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Next Gen PCR machine


Fast protein quantification on your Beer Research

Be confident when quantifying biomolecules as Proteins in your samples with our NanoDrop One:

  • Add only 1 drop (1-2 µL).
  • Save time: measurements in 3 sec.
  • Save bench space:  standalone design with touchscreen.

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Fast determination of Sulfur dioxide in beer

Determine the mass concentration of total sulfur dioxide in your beer products with just 3 min of analysis by using Capel Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) System: 

  • Method not hampered by colored compounds, reducing agents and other sulfur compounds
  • No additional steps (masking, lightening, etc.)
  • Save time: Only 20 min on sample pretreatment. 

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