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Be enlightend with our broad selection of spectrophotometers

Analyse your sample with just one drop

No more dilution of your sample with the NanoDrop. Just use 1-2 uL in your DNA/RNA/protein quantification measurements.

  • < 3 seconds measurement
  • Contaminant correction & DNA-RNA distinction.
  • Standalone system with cuvette option

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Nanodrop one
Biomate 160 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

UV-VIS as easy as abc as in Beers law

R&D, QC, Life Science or Academic research, we got the UV-VIS spectrophotometer you need.

  • Ideal for high throughput or kinetics
  • Easy to use & local control
  • Optional Peltier, sipper, and fiber optic probe

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High Throughput analysis for all your applications

Everything is possible with plate readers.Up to seven detection modes in 1 plate reader.

  • No filter change - monochromator
  • Save time - 1536 wells simultaneous
  • Optimal sensitivity with Enhanced Dynamic Range technology

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Advanced spectrometry

A spectrophotometer for every research. Advanced CD, fluorescence, anisotropic, UV-VIS, Raman, FTIR, with complementary accessoires to make your research happen. We offer over 50 accessories to choose from.

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