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Be an expert in NGS

We offer everything for your (NextGen)Sequencing reactions. For Sanger Sequencing, RNA or DNA, we have it all.  Read more below:

Automated Single Cell Encapsulation

adia Instrument for true single cell data

  • Scalable - Up to 8 samples simultaneous
  • Real-time monitoring of success
  • Low doublets - Gentle cell agitation 

Read more about the Nadia Single Cell encapsulator

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Nadia Instrument
RNAdia reagents kit

NEW: RNAdia Reagents kit

  • A complete workflow - from encapsulation to library preparation.
  • High quality data
  • Low cost - 8-sample kit

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Contact us for a special offer of the RNAdia kit in combination with the Nadia Instrument 

High Quality RNA-Seq Libraries

  • Easy all-in-one protocol
  • Ready to sequence within 4.5 hours
  • Just 1ng RNA input

Read more about the different RNA-Seq kits

Contact us to find the ideal kit for your research 

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Experts in Microbiome Profiling

Long reads with single molecule sequencing.

  • Unique barcodes for individual DNA molecules
  • Specialist on 16S and 18S 
  • Simple one tube workflow
  • Low Error rates - to species level!

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Improve your Sanger Sequencing Reactions

From template preparation to capillary regeneration, we have it it all. Want to know more about how to improve your Sanger Sequencing? Contact us.

  • Ideal peak separation on long reads
  • Cost effective
  • High performance

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