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Athena Zebrafish Image Analysis Software

Share your pictures, the software analyses them for you! Discover the Revolutionary AI-based image analysis software for Zebrafish 

We present the next generation in Zebrafish assays software, the Athena Zebrafish

Our new and unique dedicated analysis software for automated analysis of Zebrafish microscopy images offers:

  • Simple and quick quantification of fluorescence
  • Measurement of morphological changes & other phenotypic features in Zebrafish larvae in a high throughput format.
  • The software permits parameter-free zebrafish analysis using simple bright-field images.

It automatically detects zebrafish embryos and larvae up to 5 days old (dpf), extracting the fish contour and much of its internal anatomy: yolk sac, eye, notocord, and more, along with body regions of the head, trunk, and tail. You can install it via this link!

Discover more about our high-content imager Hermes and published applications here!



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