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Accessible, affordable and excellent DNA and RNA extractions


Maintain gene expression profile of all your samples

Discover more about our NEWDNA/RNA Defender Solution

  • Non-toxic storage solutions 
  • It stabilizes fragile RNA 
  • For fresh tissue and cell culture samples 
  • Compatible with most extraction methods: phenol and column-based 

Discover more about our new solution

Are you doing extraction for NGS purposes? Achieve high-quality and purity RNA with our SPLIT RNA extraction kit.


Save up to 50% of the costs in your sample collection

Our sample collection tubes help you on saving up to 50% of the costs.


For more information you can have a look at our website!



High quality DNA and RNA extraction from a broad range of samples

Are you doing research on human or animal samples?

Get high yield of pure DNA and RNA with our extraction kits

Share with us your research application field.

We want to help you on finding the best kit match!

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