Chemiluminescence/ ECL-Western-Blotting-Imagers

Chemostar Touch

The Chemostar Touch is a compact chemiluminescence imager with an optional fluorescence module: The Chemostar Touch ECL & Fluorescence imager. This chemilluminsecent imager is easy in use due to its touchscreen. Also, its workflow contains automated image capturing. The darkroom is a space saving all-metal construction and the fluorescence LED are interchangable and range from UV to near IR. With the CCD camera with up to 9.2 megapixels, the highest preciscion in imaging can be achieved and due to the active cooling the signal-to-noise ratio is also optimised. The imaging can be performed in a small time frame, due to the fast lens f0.95/25 mm.

Chemostar Touch frontview

Chemostar Plus

If the use of a touchscreen is not for you, the Chemostar Plus is ideal. It contains the same advantages and features as the Chemostar Touch, such as the quick automated image capturing and precise quantification. The Chemostar Plus is also available with optional fluorescence module: The Chemostar ECL & Fluorescence imager.

Chemostar XL

The Chemostar XL is able to detect Western blot signals and labeled protein samples in polyacrylamide gel directly from the glass cassette. Simultaneous analysis up to 4 fluorophores in 2D-DIGE gels can be performed. High quality images are obtained with the chemostar XL and its sensitive camera and a flexible configuration of the fluorescent module. Additional, a UV unit for documentation of DNA in agarose gels or a white light unit for Coomassie or silver stained gels can be added to upgrade your Chemostar XL.

Applications of the Chemostar XL

  • 2D DIGE Gels up to 21x27 cm
  • Chemiluminescent Western blot documentation
  • Fluorescent Western blot
  • Smart Protein Layers
  • Gel documentation of DNA-gels
  • Digitalisation of stained protein gels
  • Excitation and visualisation of plant parts with GFP
gel imager

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