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Wishing you the best in 2024!

Let's make lab work in 2024 funnier and easier! - Martin Donker (CEO).

Isogen Life Science BV wishes you a healthy and happy 2024. We hope to bring you new science solutions to make your research happen.

We work on supplying the most innovative solutions in the market for easier, faster, more reproducible, and accurate results. 

Best colleague for the upcoming year

Eliminate pipetting errors with our new automated pipetting system, the most affordable system available.

  • Save costs and hands-on time.
  • More precise and standardised results.
  • Easy-to-use: A software master in just 1 hour!
  • High accuracy and precision: down to 1μl sample.
  • Best laboratory friend in a broad range of applications

Avoid struggles with (de)capping

Make your workflow simpler while enhancing efficiency with the automate screw cap capper/decapper

  • Affordable and ideal solution for high-volume daily tasks.
  • Broad tubes compatibility.
  • Anywhere: it fits on work benches as in biosafety cabinets.


Reliable daily experience with electronic pipettes

The best experience is guaranteed!

Do you want to pipette yourself? Minimise errors with our electronic pipettes:

  • Feel it part of you: Adjustable finger rest and ergonomic design.
  • Single or multi channel pipettes with fit for all tips.

The pipette has up to 5 operating modes: pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, multi dispense and electrophoresis. 

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