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Welcome summer, Hello Fluorescence Deals!

Do you need to quantify your DNA and RNA samples? Our new Fluorometer offers high sensitivity and specific quantification of nucleic acids and proteins

How would it benefit your research?

  • Save sample volume: Results with only 1 µl of sample.
  • Compatible with other quantification assays.
  • Assays flexibility: 2 or 3 fluorescent channels.
  • Accurate data for the best price.

Curious to see how the system works in your lab?

Schedule a free demo visit with us.

100 assays for free!

10% OFF on your new Fluorometer + Get 100 assays for free!*

*The kit of your choice: dsDNA HS, RNA HS or ssDNA.

Applicable until September 21st, 2024 – Bring the sunshine into your lab.

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